Employee Benefits

When you outsource employee benefits to Brighton Employee Solutions you can expect:

Competitive premiums.  We will negotiate the most competitive rates possible. We also offer innovative strategies to control premiums using fully funded ERISA plans, self-funded deductibles and wellness programs.

Diverse coverage options.  Access to a broad range of A+ providers for health insurance and voluntary benefits (vision, dental, disability, life, and more) ensures quality benefits at competitive rates.

Expert benefits administration.  From plan creation, enrollment/orientation, annual renewal and termination/benefit continuation, our team will handle it all. Call with any questions about your company’s benefits or get instant access online. We’re here to help.

Compliance advice.  With the Affordable Care Act signed into law, our team will provide recommendations to ensure compliance and highlight any incentives and tax credit opportunities.

A fully managed, customized 401(k) Plan.  As plan sponsor, Brighton Employee Solutions handles all the administrative tasks for the 401(k) Plan, including compliance, paperwork and reporting.  We also provide your employees with a variety of tools and guidance to make the most of their retirement planning.

Whether we’re analyzing your current plan during annual renewal, reviewing multiple provider bids, or transferring your team to a new carrier, you can count on us to find the best available options allowing you to focus your energy on what you do best.