Achieving HR Excellence

May 23, 2019  |  HR

McKinsey found that the typical HR department still spends 60% of their time on transactional human resources.  In today's world of dynamic and constant change, that just won't do.  Brighton Employee Solutions built a model for how a great HR team can be built and our consulting process stays true to those principles.  We deliver a unified human capital management platform with modern, intuitive recruiting, benefits management, employee performance management, and payroll solutions at its core.  

Recruiting can be HR's most important and time-consuming challenge.  In fact, 45% of employers surveyed cited recruiting top talent as their toughest challenge.  Yet, 40% of SMB organizations rated their recruiting process as average or below.  It't time to take control of your recruiting and hiring with Brighton Employee Solutions.

Do you view your Benefits Program as a cost of doing business?  If so, it can be so much more.  With the right programs and technology to manage them, your benefits program can be one of your most important recruiting and retention tools.

People management is probably where you're spending most of your time, but is it time well spent?  McKinsey reports that the typical HR department spends nearly 60% of their time and resources on "transactional and operational HR," while the highest performing teams spend less than 40% of their time on admin.  The more time HR can devote to the strategic and measurable aspects of people management, the more successful they will be.  Brighton Employee Solutions Performance Management tools and reduce admin time and fosters a culture of employee engagement.  

You can't recruit and retain top talent if you spend most of your time keying new hire data into payroll or processing administrative tasks.  You can't discover new insights about how labor costs are affecting your bottom line is you're too busy manually tracking time and attendance.  Brighton Employee Solutions Payroll Solutions will give you the time and insights you need to more effectively grow your business.